Caamora represents the partnership of Clive Nolan and Agnieszka Swita in a lavish and creative collaboration.

They provide the artistic nucleus to an extravagant and imaginative musical experience. Their first major production is a musical version of the novel 'She', released in March 2008.

'SHE' finally performed in South America!

Clive, Agnieszka and a vast array of musicians and crew from all over the world gave life to the full-scale theatrical performances of 'SHE'

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    Caamora en Español

    Una nueva sección en Español está disponible en el sitio |
    A new spanish-only section is available on the Caamora site

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    Rumours of a New Musical

    Clive and Agniezska might start another large-scale project.
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    'She' - The Film?

    Caamora are in talks with a production company about a possible film version of 'She'.

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  • 'This is not just an album, it's an event!' - Musical Discoveries

    'This album has virtually become a permanent resident in my CD player - 10 out of 10' - Geoff Feakes (DPRP)

    'This performance has all the makings of a West End musical along the lines of Jesus Christ, Superstar or Evita. It's a full-blown rock opera fit for the 21st century!' - Bob McBeath (Progarchives)

    'Eye catching visuals, dramatic stage show' - Rock Report

    'In the mood for a grand, majestic, symphonic rock opera? Well, then you've come to the right place my friends.' - Pete Pardo (Sea of Tranquillity)

    The time is here!

    'She' is now available across the world on both CD and DVD (Live) formats.

    'She' - The epic story of love adventure and immortality.

    Featuring performances from a host of respected musicians, as well as boasting a vast sonic landscape, and topped with haunting vocal performances.

    'She never dies. She just changes... that is all' - Rider Haggard

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  • An Acoustic Anthology

    This double album is a great testament to all the musical journeys and experiences that Nolan and Swita enjoyed as they spread the word about ‘She’ with their many ‘two-man’ shows.

    ‘Journey’s End’ features over 130 minutes of acoustic live performances from around the world, as well as a selection of never before heard demos, bonus tracks and interview footage.

    These live tracks also feature some great guest appearances: familiar ‘She’ faces such as Mark Westwood (guitar) and Christina Booth (voice), as well as new friends like Claudio Momberg from ‘SETI’ (keyboards) in Chile and Sebastian Medina from ‘William Gray’ (guitar) in Argentina.

    The three EPs which preceded the release of ‘She’ are still available from the Caamora shop: "Closer", "Embrace" and "Walk on Water"


    Embrace offers a special Agnieszka Swita performance of the title song.

  • 'Embrace' (mp3)
    - right-click to download.

    Find audio and video previews of 'She' at the Caamora Myspace.

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